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Tamir Rice age 12, Micheal Brown age 18, Treyvon Martin age 17 and now Jordan Davis age 15. All young black boys killed by the very authority that is suppose to be protecting our children. As a mother, as a youth worker, as an auntie and a HUMAN  BEING I have so much anger, sadness, confusion inside of my heart.  This blog post isn't about bashing  anyone what so ever, but if you are offended by anything I say in than you aren't really ready to listen and nor are you ready to help and that's okay. I just hope it helps you see a different view point is all.

One day I was making errand to Popeye's with my son and daughter in the back seat. When I was turning I did not use my left blinker and I also did not notice a cop behind. Now honestly I thought the cop was just going to ignore because the city I'm from, the cops won't even waste their time trying to pull me over, but it happened out in the little suburb I live in! Now the first thing I did when I was pullin…