Tamir Rice age 12, Micheal Brown age 18, Treyvon Martin age 17 and now Jordan Davis age 15. All young black boys killed by the very authority that is suppose to be protecting our children. As a mother, as a youth worker, as an auntie and a HUMAN  BEING I have so much anger, sadness, confusion inside of my heart.  This blog post isn't about bashing  anyone what so ever, but if you are offended by anything I say in than you aren't really ready to listen and nor are you ready to help and that's okay. I just hope it helps you see a different view point is all.

One day I was making errand to Popeye's with my son and daughter in the back seat. When I was turning I did not use my left blinker and I also did not notice a cop behind. Now honestly I thought the cop was just going to ignore because the city I'm from, the cops won't even waste their time trying to pull me over, but it happened out in the little suburb I live in! Now the first thing I did when I was pulling over was raise down my window (my car has very dark tinted windows) and I also instructed my son to do the same, mind you my son is only 4 at the time, now before the cops got out their car, I told my son that he couldn't speak unless the cop asked him something and that it was okay to say hello officer. After telling my son that, I than told him anytime a cop pull you over to always have both hands on the circle(steering wheel), he said okay. So now the officer is walking to the car and than asked me, "Do I know why I was pulled over?", I said, "yes" and than he proceeded to ask for my license and registration, than my son started asking the officer all these questions and I turned around and said to him, " do you remember what mommy told you?" my son said, "yes" and than the cop said, "it's okay". I than told the cop, "it's not okay because he needs to learn how to respond to cops so that it's not me getting a phone call about y baby."  Any how the cop let me off with a warning and I went and got my food.  Now last week after hearing about Jordan Davis, I immediately became overwhelm with rage thinking to myself, " why do I put all this effort into teaching my kids how to respect police authority, if I can't control whose behind the gun?"

We all know the real history behind America. We all know that this land belongs to the Native Americans. We all know that their people were raped, beaten and murdered. We all know that Black America exist because the same thing happened to our ancestors and the only difference between the Native Americans and Black Americans is that Black Americans were takin from their home land and brought to a continent that was also taken. We know the sick twisted history of the land of the free. We also know that the only people that are really free in this "great" country is white America. We all know that all white people aren't racist and we all know that their are whites and people of color that choose to ignore the truth. We all know that EVERYONE on this "great" continent is an immigrant, so how dare ANYONE be upset about people trying to make a living and take care of their families to. We all know that their are always bad apples in the bunch, bad apples of ALL races. So since we ALL know the things, why aren't things moving forward?

FORGIVNESS  A conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness.


This concept goes for everyone! Every person of color that was ever wronged, you have to be able to forgive. We sit here and grieve over children being murdered by cops. We sit here and see mentally ill people get killed by cops. We see the system that is set up against in hopes that we will fail. We won't fail as a HUMAN RACE if we all can just forgive and throw aside out pride for the sack of a better nation and safer nation for everyone! I believing in protesting and I love BLM( Black Lives Matter) how about we use that power and strength and come together to really fight against police brutality. How about we come  together and protest the training of our officers that are suppose to protect us all. How about we forgive each other of  our past for  sack of our kids future. We could make a big change you guys.
My son is only four and here I am preparing him for a future that doesn't have to be. The stress of not knowing if your child will live pass the age of 12 because of the color of his skin, they way he walk, the clothes he wear and the way he talks, is so heavy. I should be thinking about what he will become, not how I need to make him look "less suspicious".He will grow up in a world where he to will have to work just as hard as yours just to prove he is not a "threat". The privilege doesn't have to think about those things, so because you don't have to...I just wanted to tell you what it is like being a black mom, black dad and  black guardian. We work twice as hard to raise ours into this world. The hope is that no longer has to be the case.

At the end of the day no one wants to get a phone call about their child being murdered by the law. No one wants to get a phone call about their husband, wife, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandmother or grandfather being murdered by the law. Those people are our kids, friends, teachers, lawyers, doctors, musicians, artist and the law. As much as we all know the real truth, we all have one thing in common.......WE DON'T WANT THAT CALL.  We ALL have to work together with each other and no longer see BLACK, WHITE, NATIVE, LATINO, etc., but rather see the HUMAN COLOR.  Forgiveness is the first step..... and that's when we will all see ALL Lives MAtter, The Future Matters and our KIDS LIVES MATTER!  Just another session of Shay's thoughts! Welcome to my world. Much Love and peace!
I'm out!

I pray all that have died, that we learn from your deaths and resurrect you through forgiveness and finally seeing each other for the first time as....... HUMANS.


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