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Finding yourself again

Have you ever got so wrapped up in life that you no longer know what it is you loved doing with your life before becoming career oriented, before having kids, and before getting married?Do you remember the last time you did something for yourself that was literally for yourself?I don’t. As a matter of fact, I have never really done something for just me. I spent my whole life serving others but in things that doing like dancing, singing, braiding hair, and planning events for my friends! All things I loved doing but yet now I am struggling with trying to do something for myself and I honestly don’t know where to start.Somebody asked me the question, “what do you like to do?” and I told them all the things that I liked to do but then she re asked me and said, “what do you like to do for yourself?” and I just stood there like, “myself?” I have gone all these years serving others and never really served myself. So now I have decided that I’m going to look for some things to try out! If I…


The other night I was watching Black- ish, a tv show on ABC, in the episode the younger daughter gets a baby doll, something like an American girl doll. When Rainbow (the mom) went, and took the doll back to exchange it for a black doll they only had two black dolls, one was a free slave and the other a civils right marcher. Now out for the whole story they had about 100 white dolls with different careers but only two black ones. Now Rainbow was tripping on the whole doll thing because she wanted something for her daughter to relate to. She wanted a doll that her daughter could inspire to be like to a degree. A black doll that represented black doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. Than at the end of the episode she realized that her daughter didn’t need a doll to realize that she is beautiful and is fully capable of being whatever she put her mind to. I myself have always struggled with the whole white doll lack doll thing. I’m not even that old and didn’t really grow up with black baby d…

Scheduling is LIFE!

Being a stay at home mom/ work from home mom is a very difficult job! I live with my work. My husband and I are care takers of up to eight teens who needs to learn social skills. All of the teens come with different issues, which means my kids may learn bad behaviors when a youth doesn’t want to corporate and also learn good behaviors when the youth are showing good social behaviors. Now with my kids being as young as they are, my daughter 3 and son 5, it doesn’t take long for them to think they can behave in a negative way and with all that’s going on with trying to teach others teens new behaviors, my kids eventually lose all of their routine schedule. When we stayed back in MN my husband and I worked full time jobs, which meant our kids were in childcare 8am-5pm every day except for the weekends, in which they were always with me because my husband was working a second job. Now with this new job the transition has been really hard because I was accustomed to my kids being with me f…