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Following the Dreams Within You

So many of us have dreams. We have all these goals we feel like we need to reach or accomplish in order to live the life that we think is best for us!  So, what happens when that dream doesn't actually happen? Why do we become content with the situations that were in and then use that as an excuse for why we never accomplished our dreams? What happens when you do accomplish that dream and then realize it wasn't for you? What would have happened if we followed the dreams that God placed within us? Wouldn't that be a win win. Wouldn’t it be ideal that He did all of the work for us because I mean after all He is God? That would be pretty cool I suppose, but not nearly as fulfilling as playing a part in that dream that He had put within us. I am in no way, shape or form a pastor and nor am I trying to preach to you, but I'm only sharing what I have experienced from not listening to God and just doing everything my way. So, some of you know I braid hair and style natural ha…


Stress seems to follow us wherever we go. Rather that’s at work, at home, at school, and hanging out with family and friends. It seems like we can never get away from it. I have found my whole mood change because I’m not recognizing the amount of stress I have in my life. We are so busy and always in motion that for a lot of us we don’t recognize the stress.Stress can cause so much inconvenience for us later in our lives in sometimes right away. Today I was really trying to enjoy playing with my kids but noticed they were just Way to LOUD for me, that eventually I wasn’t enjoying their company but becoming more irritable by their company. It was so loud to me that I felt like I needed to withdraw myself from their presence in go into my room. So, I did and after I did I start thinking to myself why does normal sound annoy me because it never did before. So I went to look up articles by doctors on how stress can really impact our body and senses. So apparently, stress can lead to a lot…

Welcome to my world!

Hi! This is my first time writing  a post on my own blog!!! So how about I just tell you who I am first than next blog we can get into something more personal! Well any how.. I am a wife, mother, friend and I really love natural hair. I actually braid hair and style natural hair but decided I didn't want to make a career out of it because  for some reason it stripped the joy away from doing hair( the business side)! So now I just braid and style hair as a hobby! I also love music. I write my own songs and play the piano.
I love being a wife and  being a mom. Grant it both of the roles are pretty difficult to balance but with time they become a little easier day by day. My husband and I moved to a new state about a year ago for work and that by itself has been a transition, especially since our whole support system didn't move with us! LOL. I am currently in this weird phase of my life where I don't really care about what people think about me. Like before I cared to a deg…