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Feeling weary

Lately I have been feeling weary. Before you know it, the weariness turns and to resentment, bitterness and eventually hate. I have spent my whole life pouring out love into others and really trying to help them see the potential that they have and show through my actions that love does still exist. Sometimes a person can be exposed to so much pain and hate that they don’t even recognize what real love looks like because of people using it so wrong. Any how I have gotten to the state of feeling weary and discontinuing my work in youth care. I feel as though God is preparing me for something so much bigger than what I am currently doing. I have been working with teenagers since I was a teen myself and has enjoyed even the ugliest moments of it. Now I feel it is time to move on to something different. I’m at a different place in my life. I feel like working with people will always be my thing. God has given different gifts and a new vision, one that I plan on following. I may be very we…

Not my hair!!! Hair up date!

Hey guys!! Sorry for such a prolong wait on a new post! I have been very tired lately due to work!!! Any who this post is an update on my alopecia areata! So, I decided to cut the back of my hair on Feb. 14, 2017, in hopes that my hair would grow back the way I wanted to and guess what………… it did as you can see in the pictures below!!!!So, for all you woman that have alopecia areata  there is hope but remember your hair will still go through different period of balding. You just have to make sure your taking care of yourself through healthy eating, exercise and plenty of water. You want to keep your stress levels down as much as possible as well. When you’re not taking care of yourself your hair will more than likely come out more than usual.

Also find out what your porosity level is with your hair, it plays a huge part in why you may be struggling with hair growth in general. When I went natural in 2003, it was not a trend, so for the most part I was just basic things like washing my…


So, I was up last night reading an article on kids and screen time. They article said screen time mentally has some of the same effects as cocaine users. I thought, man that’s crazy but I could totally see what they are getting at. Like when I take my son iPad from him rather it’s because it’s bedtime or because I prefer him to work on his writing skills, he always seems to have a complete melt down over it.Than he always asks when he can get like there isn’t anything else for him to do and when he doesn’t get it he cries about it, which only makes him lose it for days. I have noticed the difference in his attitude when he has gone a whole month without it vs. a whole month of having it. His behavior is a lot better when he doesn’t have and it’s the same for the tv to. My husband has seen him completely zone out like he is staring at his iPad except there is nothing in his hands. It’s scary to think that maybe this device actually plays a part in his behavior. We went a long time with…