Not my hair!!! Hair up date!

Hey guys!! Sorry for such a prolong wait on a new post! I have been very tired lately due to work!!! Any who this post is an update on my alopecia areata! So, I decided to cut the back of my hair on Feb. 14, 2017, in hopes that my hair would grow back the way I wanted to and guess what………… it did as you can see in the pictures below!!!!So, for all you woman that have alopecia areata  there is hope but remember your hair will still go through different period of balding. You just have to make sure your taking care of yourself through healthy eating, exercise and plenty of water. You want to keep your stress levels down as much as possible as well. When you’re not taking care of yourself your hair will more than likely come out more than usual.

Also find out what your porosity level is with your hair, it plays a huge part in why you may be struggling with hair growth in general. When I went natural in 2003, it was not a trend, so for the most part I was just basic things like washing my hair and shea butter. Once going natural became a big thing I started getting more involved with different products, which honestly probably played a big part in my hair growth because I was using products that weren’t meant for my hair! Than I had kids and started struggling with my hair a lot more due to the levels of stress of having kids and then raising them on top of whatever hormonal changes that caused my alopecia. So, I have decided to go back to the basics! So, with no further or due here are my results and this is a list of products I have been using to help with the hair growth process:

Shea moisture: Low porosity shampoo, low porosity conditioner and low porosity leave in detangler.
*You could buy at local beauty supply store, Target, Shea, Walgreens, and Amazon or

Natures Valley: Biotin 5000mg
*Could by at Walmart, Walgreen’s, target and basically any store that has vitamins
Coconut oil
*Could buy from any grocery store and vitamin shop
Cotton t-shirt for drying my hair (old shirt you don’t wear any more)
Big comb to detangle
*You could buy from amazon, local beauty supply store, Target, Walmart etc.

Videos about low porosity, medium porosity and high porosity hair below! Subscribe to Green
Beauty Channel for more information on hair!


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