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So, I was up last night reading an article on kids and screen time. They article said screen time mentally has some of the same effects as cocaine users. I thought, man that’s crazy but I could totally see what they are getting at. Like when I take my son iPad from him rather it’s because it’s bedtime or because I prefer him to work on his writing skills, he always seems to have a complete melt down over it.  Than he always asks when he can get like there isn’t anything else for him to do and when he doesn’t get it he cries about it, which only makes him lose it for days. I have noticed the difference in his attitude when he has gone a whole month without it vs. a whole month of having it. His behavior is a lot better when he doesn’t have and it’s the same for the tv to. My husband has seen him completely zone out like he is staring at his iPad except there is nothing in his hands. It’s scary to think that maybe this device actually plays a part in his behavior. We went a long time with him not having a tv and only having about an hr. of access to his iPad, but now and days with this job that my husband and I work, it’s so much easier to just send off with it so that we can focus on the work stuff. Than before you know it one hr. becomes 7 or until his iPad die. My kids are pretty active but when winter and spring hits it doesn’t really give them much to do, so right away we turn to tv and the iPad. I’m not okay with us living like that so we have to work hard to make sure our babies aren’t living through devices. We were also struggling with trying to find other things to do with our kids that are out of the normal go to the park or bike ride routine.  We’ve decided to only let our 5-year-old get 1 hr. of screen time a day. So, he can do 30 min split with 30 being iPad time and then favorite episode. Our 3-year-old would be 45 min with 30 being favorite tv episode and 15 iPad time. This would be a part of their weekday schedule. On the week would really be dependent on what we’re doing. I also found this website that my husband and I were thinking about subscribing to it’s called  The site provides ae appropriate STEM projects every month that you can do with your child. I will post the link below! Anyhow with all that being said, our goal is to make sure our kids aren’t hooked on devices. We want them to have regular childhood like playing sport, hanging out with friend s and so forth and in order for them to have that we have to start it with us first. Although our children are going to make their own decisions when they become adults, that fact of the matter is that we set the foundation for them. We are the ones that teach them morals and values through our action and not just our words. If we don’t teach then the world will and that isn’t a pretty picture. So, I challenge all parents to cut down on some of their screen time, get them in sports or after school activities. Take them to the gym with you and do some swimming or something but let’s not get comfortable with technology being THE WAY. I will post up videos and pictures after we get our first project from Below will be some links and videos!!! Enjoy, stay peaceful and much love!! I will talk to yawl next week!!!!

STEM Project website:
Article on  Screen Time:

Helpful Parenting Tips on Screen Time:

A seminar from Boys Towns  about screen time!


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