Stress seems to follow us wherever we go. Rather that’s at work, at home, at school, and hanging out with family and friends. It seems like we can never get away from it. I have found my whole mood change because I’m not recognizing the amount of stress I have in my life. We are so busy and always in motion that for a lot of us we don’t recognize the stress.  Stress can cause so much inconvenience for us later in our lives in sometimes right away.  Today I was really trying to enjoy playing with my kids but noticed they were just Way to LOUD for me, that eventually I wasn’t enjoying their company but becoming more irritable by their company. It was so loud to me that I felt like I needed to withdraw myself from their presence in go into my room. So, I did and after I did I start thinking to myself why does normal sound annoy me because it never did before. So I went to look up articles by doctors on how stress can really impact our body and senses. So apparently, stress can lead to a lot of things like, weight gain, weight loss, sensitivity to noise, depression, anxiety and other things as well. After reading about 10 articles that basically said all the same things, I questioned myself and wonder what am I supposed to do because I still have to live my life. While I was sitting, this scripture popped up in my head,

Matthew 6:6-8 When you pray, go to your room and close the door. Pray privately to your Father who is with you. Your Father sees what you do in private. He will reward you. “When you pray, don’t ramble like heathens who think they’ll be heard if they talk a lot. Don’t be like them. Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.”

The part of the scripture that got my attention the most was “ When you pray, go to your room and close the door, Pray privately to your Father who is with you. Your Father sees what you do in private. He will reward you.” Than it cliqued with me, just like God wants us to come to Him to talk to Him, we also need to do that for ourselves. Even when you don’t feel like your stressed out it is good to go and take time for yourself, by yourself with your phone off, tv off, and some relaxing music and just sit. It is good to find that quiet place every day so that we can keep some sanity. Lol.

If we can’t make private time for ourselves than we will never feel rewarded. We will not be as useful as we can be to others, to our families and friends and our work. In order to keep shining our light and blessing others, even though sometimes it’s doesn’t feel like a blessing, we MUST take time for ourselves. We MUST make peace with ourselves, so we’re not walking around snapping on others about the peace we don’t have. LOL. In all serious though, we as woman, mothers, wives, co -workers and leaders have to find our quiet place and spend time with ourselves because that is a reward all by itself!
So my challenge to you beautiful woman who were fearfully and wonderfully made, take 5-10min (if you have more time…than use more time) out of your day, turn off EVERYTHING , play some soothing spa music, pull out your journal or your favorite book  and just rest and enjoy who you are and what you have accomplished! God bless you all and don’t forget to take time for yourself every day this week and moving forward! Because without your beautiful strength, love and leadership, the worlds around us fall apart and so do we!


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