Finding yourself again

Have you ever got so wrapped up in life that you no longer know what it is you loved doing with your life before becoming career oriented, before having kids, and before getting married?  Do you remember the last time you did something for yourself that was literally for yourself?  I don’t. As a matter of fact, I have never really done something for just me. I spent my whole life serving others but in things that doing like dancing, singing, braiding hair, and planning events for my friends! All things I loved doing but yet now I am struggling with trying to do something for myself and I honestly don’t know where to start.  Somebody asked me the question, “what do you like to do?” and I told them all the things that I liked to do but then she re asked me and said, “what do you like to do for yourself?” and I just stood there like, “myself?” I have gone all these years serving others and never really served myself. So now I have decided that I’m going to look for some things to try out! If I like it and our budget is fit for it, then I will continue it but if I don’t like it, I will continue to look for something until I find something that I like. So, I have chosen three things that I will try out. My first will be tap dancing! The Syncopated Ladies inspired me!!! I figured I love to dance and the way they were moving is how I see myself in my head sometimes!! So, I figured why not try!!! Second is Bikram Yoga (hot yoga)!!! I love how relaxing yoga is but thought it would be interesting to try out a hot yoga class after checking out the classroom in Life Time fitness!!! Thirdly, I am going to try adding more moves to my roller-skating skills!!!! I love watching people do fancy foot work and I’m always like I wish I could do that!!! So enough wishing for me and more trying!!!!!! Of course, all of this could add up, so I will be doing them one at a time!!!! I will make sure to update yawl on what I’m doing!!!! So, I dare you to step out of your I wish box and go TRY!! Trying can’t hurt you but seating wishing you would of is not something you want to live with!!!! I want to leave this earth knowing I tried everything that my heart was set on!!!! Our lives as woman may be complicated and busy but that doesn’t mean lose sight on the things that also make you happy!!!!Share in the comments section if you’re going to try something new for the month of April!!!! Enjoy the videos below!!! Once again, it’s a joy sharing my life with you all!! Share, comment, and subscribe!!!!


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