Scheduling is LIFE!

Being a stay at home mom/ work from home mom is a very difficult job! I live with my work. My husband and I are care takers of up to eight teens who needs to learn social skills. All of the teens come with different issues, which means my kids may learn bad behaviors when a youth doesn’t want to corporate and also learn good behaviors when the youth are showing good social behaviors. Now with my kids being as young as they are, my daughter 3 and son 5, it doesn’t take long for them to think they can behave in a negative way and with all that’s going on with trying to teach others teens new behaviors, my kids eventually lose all of their routine schedule.  When we stayed back in MN my husband and I worked full time jobs, which meant our kids were in childcare 8am-5pm every day except for the weekends, in which they were always with me because my husband was working a second job. Now with this new job the transition has been really hard because I was accustomed to my kids being with me for about 4 hours a day verses 24/7!  So, when they are with me all day, I’m like dang I wish you’ll will give me some space, because I just want to be selfish and do my own thing. Rather that’s looking up some make-up tutorial’s or hair tutorials, writing my music, writing my blog post, writing our book or working on my first how to video. That’s not to say my kids have no priority in my life, that’s just to say, I didn’t know how to have a piece of mind with them being in the house all day with us because before they weren’t with me all day. I had to learn how to be a stay at home mom. For some woman, it comes to them so naturally! But for me it was more like, “I love being in your presence so much more when you are gone for 10 hours’ verses being with me all day! My kids like to challenge EVERY OUNCE of my soul! Every OUNCE! After reading a couple of books and reading online articles about being a stay at home mom, I had finally got enough info on what I needed to do to have a more peaceful experience. So I made them a schedule and working hard to try to stick with it! Even though they are both in different age groups for the most part a lot of the things we did together was age appropriate for both of them and still fun. Below is a schedule for my five-year-old.

8am: Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast and brush teeth.

8:30- 10:30am: Independent Play or group play in their case

10:30am- 11:30am: Outside play if weather allows if not, indoor play at like a mall play zone (Snack time)

11:40-12:10: Lunch and lunch clean up

12:15- 12:40pm: 5-year-old is at school (half day pre- k 12:40-3:30pm)

12:40- 1:40: (Independent play (painting nails, coloring, playing dress up)

1:45- 3:30:  Nick Jr. shows or running errands for house hold needs (food, cleaning supplies, etc.)

3:30-4pm: Picking 5-year-old up

4pm-5pm: Homework time, during this time focusing on things he needs for school and playing educational learning games like UNO, Connect Four, Trouble, counting games, writing skills, matching and colors.

5pm-5:45: Independent play (indoor or outdoor)

5:45-6:30: Dinner and clean up

6:30-7:30: bath time and reading books

7:30-8pm: Cleaning up room or watching 30 min episode off favorite Nick Jr show, if rooms clean

8pm: Bedtime

Now of course if your work a regular full time job your morning routine may be earlier and or evening routine would start after your work day is done. How you make your schedule is all up to you. I’ve learned with living in both worlds that even though my kids may have been in childcare all day they had a routine schedule after childcare, with some once in a while changes. I know for me personally I would like my kids in school which is happening this August! I’ve been judge by some stay at home moms for being excited for my kids being in school, which I could care less because at the end of the day as long as my home is healthy and happy I will do what works for my family. SO please make a schedule that works for your family and enjoy all the moments you can with your new schedule! I promise you, if you stay committed to your schedule your child or children will adjust and things will run smoothly. Now grant it if you have more than one child… there will still be arguments LOL!! I love being a parent and it is one of the most difficult challenges I have encountered, marriage being the first! Hopefully my experience is enough to encourage you to try something new and to not quit!! At the end of the day it’s about EVERYONE having their sanity!!!! Love you’ll and talk to you next week!!!! Below are some parenting resources:

The book: Rhythms, Routines & Schedules How to Simplify with kids By: Rachel Norman & Lauren Tamm

The Kids room chore board! Sad face means they didn't clean it and happy face means they did! I took pictures of how the different areas of there rooms should look I got tape to divide up the board, covered the pictures with no heat laminating paper and  got adhesive magnet strips placed the on the back of the picture. The kids  take the pictures one at a time to clean that specific area of the room with our supervision. They rotate through all the pictures until the room is clean. Just make sure your supervising because kids under the age of 10 have a difficult time cleaning (not cleaning at all! LOL) with out your presence

I made a place on the book shelf that the kids know they can't touch of all the things I use specifically for them. Rather that's arts and crafts, handwriting, shapes, and counting books, coloring pages and games. All of those things are in one spot so that I don't have to run around looking for stuff!


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