The other night I was watching Black- ish, a tv show on ABC, in the episode the younger daughter gets a baby doll, something like an American girl doll. When Rainbow (the mom) went, and took the doll back to exchange it for a black doll they only had two black dolls, one was a free slave and the other a civils right marcher. Now out for the whole story they had about 100 white dolls with different careers but only two black ones. Now Rainbow was tripping on the whole doll thing because she wanted something for her daughter to relate to. She wanted a doll that her daughter could inspire to be like to a degree. A black doll that represented black doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. Than at the end of the episode she realized that her daughter didn’t need a doll to realize that she is beautiful and is fully capable of being whatever she put her mind to. I myself have always struggled with the whole white doll lack doll thing. I’m not even that old and didn’t really grow up with black baby dolls. Based on always having white ones and always seeing the white and mixed girls being called beautiful and the dark girls being called ugly on tv and always looking like someone on drugs and fighting and stuff, I figured that’s what everyone think of black girls and I could never be those pretty girls they advertised on tv and magazines. It didn’t take me to long at all to know that I was beautiful because my dad and step dad always told me that growing up.  So, all though my daughter doesn’t have any white dolls and has paintings of little black girls on her walls and three tall mirrors with a princess theme. She won’t ever have to really on material things to remind her of her beauty. My daughter is reminded of her beauty everyday by myself, my husband and family members. She will grow up with knowing that she is beautiful with her curly hair and beautiful chocolate skin. She will love her big lips and nose and know that she is beautiful with them.  When my baby is playing dress up and dancing in her mirror, and she tells herself that she is beautiful, I feel so blessed and proud that what we tell her is a part of who she is and how she sees herself. Words are powerful. My kids can grow up in a world of people that hate them but always overcome that hate because they will always know that they are loved by their family and by God and that is all that matters!  So to all you moms, aunts, cousins, mother in laws, step moms, mentors, and sisters do your thing. Share with you niece, mentee, cousin, sister whom ever your heart desires that they are beautiful and strong black girls!!!Black girl magic, ya'll we got it, so lets share it!!!!!! Peace!



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