Get it Gurl!!!!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo sorry about neglecting you all for the past month!!!! I have had a lot of frustrating things happen to me in the past month! Sometimes when you think you can trust people and work as a team with people, you realize that even those people that seemed trustworthy can fail you. Everyone that knows me knows my heart is so passionate about youth, but sometimes everyone on your team isn't and that can make establishing a healthy relationship very hard. Once again I have learned that you can't trust everyone but this time I walk away without anger but with grace, pride and gratefulness. I have learned the kind of parent I want to be in my own kids lives and I have learned so much from the kids that God had given us temporarily. I have learned that my husband and I can overcome anything together and I have learned how to cook for more than 12 people and cheaply!!! I have learned to show grace through difficult times and have continued to forgive others. I'm grateful for the opportunity that God gave me and my husband to hopefully change the heart of a teen. I'm very excited for the new path that God has in front of us and know it will be bigger than what we are currently doing now. God knows my heart and my husbands and know that we will always serve the broken, hurt, unloved and lost and not money, fame and greed.

Any howwwwwwwwww
                through  this process of moving forward, I decided to make some new habits and not revert to my old habits when I'm stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, sad, hurt and confused, which is typically,  junk food binging eating, allowing those feelings I describe above become actions, and allow the circumstance define my path nor define who I am as a person. Normally I would try to compensate for when I feel like someone has treated me wrong by completely treating them like they are less than the dirt in the dirt and really being hard on my self just because when others don't take responsibility I feel like someone should, its really weird I know. So instead of moving backwards I decided to move forward and get back into a healthy state. For me that was not caring about what others think, taking care of my body they way I use to before kids and before I thought their wasn't enough time in the day to do that. So I decided to go on Pinterest and look up some healthy exercise routines that I could do at home and I felt like would be a healthy start for me!! Than I went and got me a planner and wrote down in my planner the exercises I'm suppose to do everyday for 30 days and with how many times I'm suppose to do it! Now as much as I admire Massy Arias ( a celebrity fitness guru) I know for me personally that starting her program now would be to much for me and I would quit so I started with simple basic exercises and have been doing them for 20 days straight now!!! After the moth is done I plan on doing the Massy Arias program, which isn't just about exercise but a healthy life style in general! So without further or due here are my results so far!!!!! I know to some you may feel like I'm small so you don't get why I would be making a big deal about being in shape and to you I say I DONT CARE (I actually do, I hope that sharing my experience will inspire you to make goals for your self and tackle them)!!!!!!

Top Two Day before and Bottom two Day 20 after pic

I know my body better than anyone else and for me my progress shouldn't be looked at like negative attention seeking because at the end of the day I have goals to. My gut and back fat, may not be noticeable to you but it's noticeable to me and that's all that matters!!! I my not be overweight but I know I'm living healthy. I may have been 113 pods my whole life and weigh 139 now but that doesn't mean I'm familiar or comfortable in my new skin especially after having kids. Anyone that has had kids know that your body changes in ways that you never thought they could change and going on 30 doesn't help since the older you get the metabolism slows down. So if you don't like my results and feel like I'm being petty by showing my body that YOU may not consider a problem I say to you..... Get a goal for yourself as well, because at the end of the day if me sharing how proud I am of my accomplishments bother you than maybe there is something inside you that you should be challenging but don't hate on me for staying committed( voice tone is love) Much love to you all!!! Make some goals , start small, stay committed and live!!!!! be proud of yourself every time you have accomplished apart of your goal!! Don't do it to please others, but do it because you want to love yourself and a healthier better way!!!! We are woman, we are strong, smart, bold and BEAUTIFUL.... So let's start treating ourselves that way QUEENS!!!! I love you guys and will be checking in soon!!!!!!


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