Being a mom!


    My babies and I!                                                       Zacceus holding Aria when she was 3 days old!

                                                     Team Jenkins enjoy the snow and sledding!

 So being a mom has a lot of beautiful moments and also have a ton of hard ones! I feel like being a mom is supposed to challenge us in areas in which others can’t. For me personally I love youth! I love infants, elementary age kids and high school. Anyone that know me knows I can’t stand middle school youth and the toddler preschool age LOL. So obviously, those ages  can’t be skipped LOL. So, I had to learn how to teach to their “know it all” attitudes and not doing what I asked them the first time. We were all raised differently but I know for me telling my parents I’m not would get you pooped in your mouth LOL. With the way society is now popping your kid could get child protective service called on you, which I believe is sad because sometimes our kids need that good old fashion “whopping” aka spanking, just to clarify a whopping is not getting beaten a beaten is getting beaten, which I never experience. Whopping your kid is not child abuse. There most defiantly is a balance in discipline your kid. I think what becomes the issue is a parent not knowing the correct way. Never give them a whopping when your still pretty pissed off because that’s an easy path to abuse. Plus, it’s not for everybody, my kids are pretty strong willed, which would be very useful after we shape them but as of now a part of our shaping them is giving them a whopping when earned, particularly when they have done something crazy like running a cross the street. I wouldn’t want my kid to learn from getting hit by a car. So, getting a whopping for such behavior is just to say “Hey I love you and I know this will hurt your bottom for a little bit, but what would hurt more is getting hit by a car”. I explain to my kids why they got a whopping and we talk about it after. I try not to whoop them when I’m mad because when your mad you can’t teach your child the importance of what’s going on. So, I don’t spare my rod because you’ll spoil that child for real for real. Anyways when rising a child gets difficult we as woman should be able to reach out to one another and get advice and comfort and just be there for each other. I have noticed more often than not there is more judgement passed verses helping each other. All kids need structure and getting advice on how to make your home more structure (which removes a TON of stress) can’t hurt anyone.

I encourage you to not feel like an evil mom because something ugly came out your mouth towards your kids. I encourage you to not quit on them and to be proud of being a mother. I want to encourage you to not judge each other but help one another. I want to remind you that you are just a person and not a supernatural being and that you will not always have the best mom days. I know that our good mom days outweighs our bad mom days, which shows that we are great moms! We take on so much and should never be ashamed of having a bad day or shaming other woman for having a bad day! Do your best to take care of your needs so that the needs of your kids can be met in a loving manner! I will be writing more blogs on parenting but until than here are some resources on parenting and advice!!! : this site has parenting advice, a hotline to talk to someone about a parenting issue your having and other downloaded resources like charts and stuff. : this site has tons of working parenting books and also resources for teachers working with tough kids from toddler years through high school.

Please check all of these sources out because they really work!!! Don’t forget to share, post, comment and subscribe!!!!!


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