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I have an autoimmune disease called Alopecia areata that went into activity after my second child! When you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system attacks your own body. With alopecia areata, it’s the hair follicles that are attacked. This causes the hair to come out, often in clumps the size and shape of a quarter. The amount of hair loss is different in everyone. Some people lose it only in a few spots. Others lose a lot. I experienced losing hair with both pregnancies but with my first child all of my hair grew back. My daughter totally took over my body and it has never been the same since. I went to a doctor and was told that I have alopecia areata but first was told by my cosmetologist. So now my hair falls out and grows back. I’ve noticed for the most part it’s when I’m dealing with high levels of stress is when it’s at it’s worst. Now when my hair falls out it does it in different places and be bald, baby butt smooth bald! So of course, I start freaking out when it just was always doing that. I am all natural and would always were my natural hair out. I use to wear twist out, up dos in twists and just regular two strand twist but all that stopped because of the alopecia. I love braids and twist but for most of my natural life I did not have to wear them.  I have always had a good hair regimen but even that wasn’t helping my hair. So, when I went to the doctor they suggested cortisone cream or a shot in my scalp, I didn’t want neither so I started looking for my natural ways to take care of the alopecia. As off right now I take vitamins, biotin 5000mg, pure peppermint oil (as a massage oil to stimulate my scalp), I changed my eating habits to more healthy choices, and I exercise. Believe or not what we eat can affect our hair growth hugely! Soon I will be starting the pure oil lavender with some coconut oil and possible coconut milk as well. Hopefully I will see results sooner than later! Now by this point I had stop caring all together about y hair regimen which doesn’t make my condition any better, so eventually I just cut all my hair off in hopes that it would all grow back even….. or naw……. That totally did not HAPPEN!! Guys this is so hard for me to deal with at times because I can do hair and help everyone else hair grow but I can’t get mines to!!!! That was so embarrassing for me. So, because I do know how to do hair, I just found different ways to cover up the bold spots! As of right now, I’m taking a break from braids and twists and for the first time just bought myself two wigs!!!! I feel like this is important to share because there are a lot of woman that are struggling with alopecia and don’t even know it! If you have been losing an unusual amount of hair and been noticing bald spots, please go to the doctor and have them run blood work and check out your scalp. The blood work just helps to eliminate possible health conditions like lupus and stuff. You could go to a dermatologist to get your scalped checked out and images of your hair follicles so they can see if you have alopecia. Hey don’t worry if you do have it! There are so many resources out their like wigs, different styles that don’t cause more tension on your air and support groups for those who are experiencing the same thing. There are plenty of websites that offer lists of essential oils and other herbal remedies to help promote the growth again. Just remember every one hair does not respond the same to essential oils and herbal remedies. So be patient and always test out oils on your arm or something. Also, essential oils can be very strong so for most of them you will have to mix them with a oil you already use for your hair!  If you don’t know where to start as far as taking care of your hair there is a website called  Jassica has her own line of products for woman suffering from alopecia and she also has a book on what to do if you do have it. You can also search google for natural remedies and essential oils for alopecia and most of the sources explain very well what each remedy or oil does! You’re not on this journey alone!!!! God Bless! Talk to you’ll next week!!!

Don’t forget to subscribe, comment and share!! Below is the beginning of my alopecia to now! ( I deleted the picture of my baby bald spot) the pics between the start and end date are the in between growing phases. I ordered my wigs from

November 15, 2015

November 13, 2016


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